About The Bling Society

Our blog will bring you the latest news first on jewellery trends both at the http://www.theblingsociety.com and worldwide.

The Bling Society Pty Ltd is a registered trademark word, logo and symbol.

The Bling Society Pty Ltd sells the worlds most precise diamond simulant, 925 silver & sterling service 925 nickel free jewellery.

Bringing luxury and style together, the Bling Society is pushing fashion boundaries with its statement-making pieces. Using Grade AAA stones and properties such as Sterling Silver 925 and 18ct gold to provide an alluring finish, the line empowers beauty with quality.

Our essence is glamour, inspiring simple looks to be trend driven. We provide the opportunity for free spirits to capture the epitome of style, effortlessly. Taking inspiration from the runway, the range embodies fashion forward looks, while prioritising quality to ensure each piece is the perfect accessory. This is a society that offers true individuals a chance to indulge, with each purchase being a unique experience that includes special packaging. The Bling Society makes every girl feel like she should: elegant, graceful and rewarded.

Since its launch in October 2005, The Bling Society has received glowing editorials in Vogue, marie claire and InStyle to name a few, as well as great international support including a feature in New York fashion week. For those who don’t follow trends but rather set them, this is your haven for grand charms.


Definition of The Bling Society

Luscious and bold jewellery appropriately decorating a true lady epitomizes wealth. The rich and glamorous live in a world where they are photographed at every moment with meticulously selected accessories that dazzle friends, family and co-workers. Their lives are easily defined by sparkling diamonds, necklaces and ear-rings that seem to cost a large fortune and that the usual member of the public could normally only dream to afford. For those who desire this special quality in their jewellery without the crippling price, The Bling Society is their new haven for grand charms.

This exclusive Society provides big bold imitation jewellery designed by Samantha Delaney-Saretta. The pieces available through the Society will provide the chance for ladies to appear truly captivating! They will be given the opportunity to wear eye-catching pieces that illustrates their impeccable sense of style as their friends surprisely wonder where and how they purchased that grand charm. The enchanting secret of the Bling Society, though, is that the prices for these pieces are desirably small. The founders of the Society recognise that imitation jewellery is fake, and therefore there is no need for these accessories to be established at ridiculous prices reaching $800+. Rather the Society will offer its products in the alluring price range of $20 to $800.

These monumental and inexpensive pieces of jewellery are only half the fun of being part of the Bling Society. The true enjoyment begins when members join our formally styled website that provides the simple yet elegant experience of shopping at some of the world’s leading stores. Once entering, members will believe they are shopping like society’s elite. After a purchase has been made, members will then receive their piece in packaging designed for exclusive gifts from Park Avenue jewellers rather than reasonably priced bling. Then as members stare appreciatively at their purchase and fantasize at the amount of attention and envy they will receive from friends, they will forget the fact that their jewellery is an imitation piece. This is due to the highly professional, red carpet service they received from the Bling Society.

With fantastic jewellery, outstanding service and affordable prices The Bling Society is the world’s new home for heart-fluttering bling.


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