Samantha Delaney-Saretta – The-Bling-Society Accessories Editor

The-Accessories-Guild, is a blog created by Samantha Delaney-Saretta the head designer and founder of Australia’s premier online costume jewellery e-boutique

Samantha has dedicated her life to fashion, playing the part of designer, owner, critic and leader in jewellery trends in the industry over a number of decades. Her experiences see her dabble in the field of marketing where she successfully studied and graduated with Degrees in Marketing Management through multiple leading Tertiary Institutions. Her passion for the industry drove her to where she is now, but her skills and experiences will lead her to further heights. At The-Accessories-Guild, Samantha will lead a team dedicated to bringing you up-to-date with all the latest trends before it hits the stores.

Sean Hyatt – Accessories and The-Bling-Society Contributor

With an expansive background in expressing his opinion, Sean brings to the table a natural honesty and brashness to The-Accessories-Guild. Full of witticisms and nuance, Sean is an engaging writer who loves entertaining his readers while introducing them to the products he is writing on. Measured in his responses and forthcoming with his beliefs, Sean is a tell-it-how-it-is writer who views fashion and writing as great forms of expression.

James Hyatt – The-Bling-Society Contributor

James is the youngest member of the Accessories Guild team. As a student he excelled and specialised with his writing abilities, successfully graduating with a Bachelor’s degree from Monash University. He brings his creative flare and talents to his work as a reporter for the Accessories Guild, and has a keen eye for developing his skills in the field of marketing via further study. His attention to detail and tendencies as a perfectionist will ensure readers are well-informed and kept up to date with all the latest trends.


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